Friday, February 27, 2009

it's been a long time...i shouldn't have left you... has been a while! two weeks to be exact!

my apologies. i've been SUPER busy, with school, work, trying to find a second job...this girl's been on her hustle!!!

but i've still been on the lookout for new hopefully later today and tomorrow i'll get some up about:
  • Mixtape/Album reviews
  • New Spring Fashion Trends
  • HOT NEW ARTIST, music from my friend Matok...he's good stuff lol ;)
  • Relationships//Love//All that jazz...
  • Plus some more ramblings....
anyways...back to my search on everything new to blog about...

Friday, February 13, 2009


it took it 24+ hours to drop...but "So Far Gone" the highly anticipated mixtape from Drake is finally out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhh..i waited so long lol. Album Art and Link to download is below...ENJOY, i know i will!! :)

DOWNLOAD "So Far Gone" by Drake here:

Thursday, February 12, 2009

NEW MUSIC!!! Charles Hamilton

Well Isn't This Awkward, the new mixtape from Charles Hamilton that I told you all about in the last post is out EARLY!!!!!!!!!
i just so happened to check my dashboard, and what did i see but a new post, and a zshare to his mixtape 2 days early?! now i'm supa cised!!!
unlike Drake...who's mixtape's out today, and has yet to be posted smh..i'm a lil raw about it...but Charlie made up for my dissapointment lol! Album art & link to the download is below...i'm off to go listen to the tracks!! :)

Download "Well Isn't This Awkward":

brand new flava in ya ear!!!

so if you aren't familiar with the names Drake (or Drake Drizzy..Drizzy Drake, Heartbreak Drake, etc.) and Charles Hamilton...then, you should basically just go kill yourself.
lol..naw it's not that intense, but if you call yourself a music lover, then these are definitely two hot new musicians that are just EVERYTHING in hip-hop right now!! and it just so happens that NEW MIXTAPES from both artists are out this week!

Drake's highly anticipated mixtape, "So Far Gone" drops today...Thursday, at what time and place i am unsure lol, but i've been peepin the blog, and i'm sure as soon as it's out the revolution will be publicized on there:: And from the snippets that have been let out in the past two weeks...I can already tell that this album will be in heavy rotation in my car lol!!

"Well Isn't This Awkward" mixtape from the "best blogger alive" and my favoritest new artist that i put you onto a few posts ago named Charles Hamilton, will be out Friday, February 13...and is said to show love to the lady's some Valentine's Day love. Stop by to cop that come Friday...and read some of his blog while you're at it...many posts are very intriguing!!

Once both tapes drop...i'm sure i'll be "evaluating" them, writing a new post about how i feel, and debating between which song i'm gonna add to the blog and as a ringtone lol!

Links to both Mixtapes as well as Tracklisting//Album Art will be posted once they drop right here!!!

thats all for now.....peace <333

Sunday, February 8, 2009

la dernière mode

so i know a few hours ago i said i was 'going to sleep'...but i ALWAYS say i'm going to sleep and barely ever do lol! so what?! i think i'ma insomniac...fa reals! to preoccupy my time still awake...i've been catching up on my tv shows online...and fashion searching. and i've run across an idea for the blog::

la dernière mode de la semaine = the latest fashion of the week!
hopefully this will be a weekly or maybe even semi-daily post on some dope, new && fresh, or undiscovered fashion line that is the ishh to me!

this weeks edition features: ISSA

this is a short summary of a description i ran across about the line:

Issa Dresses are popular among a number of celebrities, including Madonna, Kiera Knightly, Camilla Al Fayed, Paris Hilton, Lise Jagger, and Sharon Stone. Jessica Simons, who is the daughter of one of the richest men in England, Peter Simons, is also a fan of Issa dresses.
...the versatile yet elegant line offers dresses that are perfect for red carpet events as well as routine semi-formal events...All of the dresses are made with an elegant cut, with the majority of them being based on the class wrap design. The simple silhouette of the dresses allows for the extravagant prints and patterns the dresses have become known for.
Issa dresses are the brainchild of Brazilian designer Daniella Issa Helayel...are known for having a 70s look and involve a number of exclusive prints developed by Helayel herself...
Take a look at some of my favorites i spotted on and from the Spring 2009 RTW Collection:

...coming up soon on "la dernière mode"....local hip-hop fashion that i'ma put you on if you ain't already is flyy!

****now i'ma REALLY go to bed lol!

a taste of things to come...

so basically...i've been goin hardboard OD on blogspot and just SERIOUSLY surfin the web the past few days (not much schoolwork to do lol)...and i promise i've found some of the dopest things ever in life. no really...they're just the dopest things to ME..and it can possibly only be hot for a short span of life lol, but lets hope not!
never-the-less...[sidebar:: <---did i write that correctly loL?! no clue!] i wanna make sure the things that i wanna put someone else on are 100%, meaning i do full research on things like fashion and hot music/new artists that i think everybody should get to know.
i'm in the process of trying to find everything Charles Hamilton at the moment...i been meaning to seriously take a look at his blog []&& mixtapes &&...basically EVERYTHING lol, before i give a full evaluation...but lemme just say, i am on him hardbody right now. i mean...his music is blasting out your speakers as you read this [Loser - Charles Hamilton]. i don't think i've downloaded so much stuff from one single person in such a short timespan (1.5 days lol). i am now following his blog as well..but clearly i can never catch up since he's the "best blogger alive" and has too many to read haha.
hmm..this post was type random..i think i just felt like writing something down, all the things that were in my head. but hey, its been a loonggg work why shouldn't i?! plus, its my blog, so i do what i want...forget whoever dont like it lol.
sheesh...its def almost 1am though, and i def have church to attend in some hours, then hopefully off to see my bestie who's in town...i should prob get some sleep.
final statement:: shoutouts to Ca$h's my bro's sad i can't be their to make lasting druken memories with ya lmao...much love though :)


Saturday, February 7, 2009 hating the newest trend??

i have truly come to the conclusion that hating is an epidemic that is crippling the EVERYONE from young to old!
it truly is sad. i can't say that i personally know anyone who's hating on me at the moment, but i have many friends who have been dealing with this issue lately...and guess what people, its not a good look!!
as i met up with a very close friend tonight for dinner...we discussed various things in life, and one big issue she was having was that people she thought were her friends...have suddenly turned their backs on her, and she now feels betrayed. i mean, if we can't rely on friends...who do we turn to as another human person...other than God?!
it saddens my heart when "friends" stab others in the back over petty think they're "acting brand new", they're on their come-up grind; whether its their education, financial status, or overall life perspective. i mean this "brand new"'s a bunch of BULL****. i mean what do you expect...for people to stay the same?!?! we as a human species evolve...meaning that EVERYONE CHANGES...even you people who are pointing out everyone else's "brandnewness". there is no rhyme or reason why you should be mad at the fact that someone is trying to better themselves in both spirit, mind, body, and money.

word to the wise:: Stop hating on Everyone Else's Blessing...because as you hate on them, you are blocking the Blessing on the shelf with your name on it that God has for you.

<333 peace

Friday, February 6, 2009


As i perused the fashion sections of, and Elle, i ran across some pretty fly && bright yellow pieces from the always conspicuously flyy Christian Dior and Project Runway favorite and Maryland native, Christian Siriano spring collections. Yellow is certainly one of the "it" colors for spring 09...its poppin up everywhere and looks fabulous if you've got the right skin will certainly get noticed!

Christian Dior - Spring 2009 RTW Collection

Christian Dior - Spring 2009 Cruise Collection

Christian Siriano - Spring 2009 RTW Collection

...[sidebar color]...i couldn't help but post this outfit from the Christian Dior-Spring 2009 RTW Collection as well...i love it, and would def rock it on a warm spring/summer day, such a sunday brunch skirt...the color is b0mb.

hello "blogworld".

basically...i've hopped on the hottest trend of the moment--->blogging.
clearly the cool kids are doing i figured "why not me?!"
a snapshot of angel* exactly what the title says: a snapshot into angel's world. everything from what music i'm feeling, my idea of hot fashion, everyday events, friends & family, to random quotes/questions/thoughts will be posted, so whoever cares to read this can get a glimpse into my mind.

i feel as though some type of introduction is in for those of you who don't know me, and even for the one's who think they know me...this is a lil breakdown of angel. if you've read my facebook "randoms" note..this is a bit of some more.

*1 - i ♥ music, like i LOVE it. it's basically the air i breath...and its like my bff, i listen to it whenever somethings wrong or right, when something bad happens..its my it doesn't judge me. it's to the point where 99.9% of the time some random song is playing in my make catch me randomly bust a move, but its not random...there is music my head. :)

*2 - most people don't even know that 'angel' isn't my full government...unless they're in a class where role is called or happen to hear someone who knows try & get smart and say it, or they're around my mother when she's mad. the legal is
angelica. i like it, but angel is good, and i would've been content with the parentals naming me angel since thats all i'm called.

*3 - i'm almost 20. 62 more days exactly.

*4 - i'm a christian girl...baptist born && bred. i attend church almost every sunday.
i Love God.

*5 - "That Girl" by Pharrell Williams was written about me. it's my "theme song". "Let's Ride" by Q-Tip and "Flashing Lights" by Kanye West are close behind.

*6 - Good Girl Gone Bad...i haven't really determined if this fits me yet. i think i'm a 50/50 type on this one lol.

*7 - the DMV is one of the BEST places to live. i hate the fact that i reside in the cut in frederick...but i'm still only an hour away from some of the best places ever. Maryland Girls are dimes.

*8 - i attended hampton university my first year of college, majoring in music education. now i'm back home, finishing up gen. education credits, so i can switch my major to english education. i LOVE my HU...i really wanna be back. at this point..idk if thats in the cards...

*9 -
iSing. i think i have a pretty decent && unique voice. at one point in life i was determined that i was gonna become the 'black J.Lo' - sing/dance/act/entrepreneur or really i guess the next Beyoncé...but i've concluded that that likely isn't so i'll keep it in mind as my love.

*10 - i plan on teaching the next Barack Obama/first female president. and it will be english so they know how to properly read and speak, and won't make a fool of themselves as previous leaders have..smh...

*11 - i finally just got a car..though techincally its our familys "3rd car" [smh-it's MINE!]. it's a silver jetta. i've determined i'm gonna call her Shaina. owww *add ghetto hand motion here*.

*12 - i have some of the best friends/acquaintances/lil sis's & bro's in the world...and i wouldn't trade them for anything.

*13 - i am the eldest of two...a little demon seed named tiera. she's alright, i love her bunches...but she really is badder than i ever could be when i was her parents will not listen to me..nor will she smh.

*14 - i'm not quite sure if anyone cares about anything i've said thus far...but who cares about you?!...forget your

...thats all. at least for now.

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